Back in March of this year, organizers of Georgia-based festival Tomorrowworld took to social to announce the event’s official cancellation for 2016. After the monstrosity of its 2015 installment, both the brand and attendees were due for a break while they company figured out how to best address its inherent issues. Dedicated followers of the festival set their sights instead toward 2017, as it was rumored that the event would be returning just as it had before.

According to a new announcement trailer from Atlanta’s Imagine Festival this week, however, Tomorrowworld may be skipping out on its second year in a row come 2017. The Imagine announcement trailer places the festival on September 22-24, the exact weekend that Tomorrowworld has reserved during years prior. With virtually no chance of two such massive festivals planning on occupying the area during the same weekend, we now find it safe to assume that Tomorrowworld fans will have to wait a bit longer.

As EDM Tunes pointed out, a series of rumors has also surfaced regarding the future of SFX’s Tomorrowland Brazil. Last year, the South American installment announced its lineup by late November. As we enter December this week, however, no such information has been revealed. Meanwhile, details for Tomorrowland in Belgium, which takes place far later than Tomorrowland Brazil, has already announced its two-week expansion and dates.

Whether or not the pair of SFX events will continue into 2017, we can’t determine for sure. But suffice it to say, it isn’t looking good so far.


H/T: EDM Tunes | Image: Rukes