2016 has been a year to remember, for various reasons too numerous to count. To honor the musicians who’ve made their imprint on this eventful solar revolution, Spotify has released their year-end list of top artists, tracks, albums, and more, with electronic music steadily permeating the lot of them.

Drake maintains his absolute dominance around the globe, keeping his crown as the most-streamed artist of all time with over 8.7 billion plays. But after pivoting into new territory as a dance music vocalist, Justin Bieber has asserted himself behind Drake as the second biggest artist of 2016. Additionally, the Biebs had the second most-streamed album of the year, thanks to productions from Steve James, Skrillex, and more, in addition to the obsession of millions of adolescents.

Adding to their growing list of accomplishments, The Chainsmokers take home the award for third most-streamed track of the year for “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, and it’s no surprise they’re also the top EDM artist for 2016.

The ‘top sex song’ for 2016 is also EDM, the aptly titled Kris Kross Amsterdam remix of “Sex” by Cheat Codes.

And we never would have guessed that Ambient Fusion and Witch House were the top two emerging genres for the year, both of which can be taken under the wing of the greater genre of electronic music.

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