Moombah-master and Snapchat comic Dillon Francis has kept 2016 exciting with singles with “Candy”, “Need You”, and most recently “Anywhere” with singer Will Heard. In between his music, we have become accustomed to his silly character as he utilizes his social media outlets to share characters like DJ Hanzel or jokes like 2013’s inescapable “Dad?” joke. Now EDM’s biggest meme-machine has uploaded footage of himself in the guise of his latest personality.

Enter Preston; the Dillon Francis concept of what appears to be an emo-alternative rock fan who never quite matured after the era failed to transition well past the 2000’s. With references to major emo/alt rock bands like blink-182, My Chemical Romance, the Used, and more, Preston goes so far as to even make bleak over-emotional covers of “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba and “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses. All this sprinkled with asking his mom to take him on a trip to Hot Topic and you have Dillon’s concept of what may be his most annoying character. Dillon emphasizes a sense of discontent and apathy through Preston to fill up his social media space while we wait on what that sweet new collaboration between Dillon Francis G-Eazy and what it will sound like.

Check out the video of Preston below:


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