Transforming tracks with remixes is not an easy task. I’ve said this before it’s worth repeating, especially when talking about this VALENTINE remix of BASECAMP‘s “In Stone.” The original tune is cooled down, laid back, with very ethereal environments. Valentine takes all those feelings and emotions and pushes them to their limits, creating a high energy, grunge-y electronic track. I was really excited after hearing this track for the first time as I feel it’s a refreshingly unique style.

The track begins with the original lyrics, setting a mood similar to the original track with swelling strings beneath the vocals. Percussive elements are introduced alongside blips. Unlike many tracks heard these days, there’s no build, not artificial hype to get you ready for “the drop.” Instead, VALENTINE focuses more on making the track cohesive, introducing the chorus with heavy hitting kicks and a hallowed out synth naturally as the next progression in the track. He makes the track feel as natural and as human as one can with electronic music which gives the track its refreshing sound. Check out the track below to get a feel for what VALENTINE is all about, and watch out for more from him in 2017: