Producer Cavalier has just uploaded his most recent remix, this time coming as a powerful and hard-hitting flip of Childish Gambino‘s “Eat Your Vegetables.” The song comes as a worthy follow-up to his recent collaboration with EZRA and Oshi, “Next Up,” which saw the trio create a rhythm filled to the brim with deadly trap elements and sparkling synthesizers. Cavalier’s newest effort sees him exploring a similar production vein, this time in a supporting position behind Gambino’s fiery vocals.

“Eat Your Vegetables” begins with a unique and abrasive percussion arrangement above rumbling sub bass, before Gambino enters the space alongside piano trills and distant echoes. The energy is maintained throughout the first half of the song as the bass line is thrown high and low around the vocals, until melancholy piano chords take over the emotional direction. With the perfect amount of attention balanced between the beat and acapella, the remix plays as one of the most natural and effective creations in Cavalier’s career.

Listen below.

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