Sometimes as a producer, you’re forced to hang onto music for far too long, hoping that it will get a label release or something more meaningful than putting it up as a free download. Sometimes, those tracks are held away for so long that they’re forgotten about. That’s where accounts for uploading older music become so enlightening. At a certain point, you just say, “Fuck it, you get a track.”

Slushii has been uploading older tracks in an archive account, made for older VIPs and remixes, for a little over a month and he’s just unleashed another recently, “Haunt.” The track sounds a lot more like DJ Swoon than Slushii, with hard-hitting bass and crisp, punctuated drum fills with a distinct riddim flavor.

Slushii is known to drop some heavy dubstep in his sets (can you really call yourself a bass music DJ without dropping “Jotaro”?), so for him to produce this comes as no surprise. Check out “Haunt” below:


Image via Loren Wohl Photography