When Dyro created his own label, WOLV, it was for the same reason that many producers do so: so that they can release the music they want without constraints from some higher power (or power tripping label manager, whatever the case may be).

This was the case when Dyro released “Against All Odds” over two years ago as the third release ever on the label.

The discordant and rough bassline must have been a little too harsh at the time for Revealed, Dyro’s old label. But it seems that’s changed in 2016, since Revealed is basically releasing a carbon copy of the track from Seth Hills called “Riot.”


Listen by following the link here:

Even Dyro thinks it’s pretty obvious, and we agree.

Do you think it’s a ripoff of Dyro’s “Against All Odds”? Let us know in the comments.


Photo via NAFT Photography