There are few artists and musicians as special as Eric Prydz who are able to make a genre as substantial and aged as progressive house relevant and rejuvenated in a fluctuating genre like electronic dance music. Aside from his monster releases and his spectacular live performances, his podcast series EPIC Radio has flexed its musical muscles as one of the artist’s strongest displays mixing new, old, and unreleased tunes.

In his latest episode, Eric Prydz shares a myriad of his own Pryda tracks in the first of of episode 16. Halfway through, listeners will have heard a tracks from the legendary Pryda Vault with tracks like “Big Boss” and an ID floating around since his last show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. From here, Prydz shifts away from his own productions and shares a remix from Matan Caspi. He dives into tracks from 8Kays, Squire, and Christoph before sneaking in “Elements” (another ID from his Hollywood Palladium concert). To wrap things up, Eric Prydz shares the vinyl chapter where he spins a classic track. This time, he shares “Photographic” from English electronic legends Depeche Mode.

What Prydz brings in EPIC Radio 16 is another mental journey through the sonic airwaves of progressive house heaven. It is truly unique to listen to his ability to make no two sets the same through the different selections he brings per episode while maintaining a signature sound within the confines of his shows or podcast. It is without question that Eric Prydz will continue to amaze us for years with his music for years to come.

Dive head into EPIC Radio 16 and let us know what you think of the tracks Eric Prydz brought in.

Here’s the full tracklisting:
1. Eric Prydz – EPIC Radio 16 ID1
2. Pryda – Big Boss (Unreleased)
3. Pryda – Odyssey
4. ID – ID (Pryda Palladium ID2)
5. Kevin Di Serna, Ditian – Crouch (Matan Caspi Remix)
6. 8Kays – Groove Me
7. Cristoph – Catsy
8. Squire – Kisses Goodbye (Feat. Vette)
9. Pryda – Elements (Pryda Palladium ID1)
10. Pryda – Clockwise
11. Depeche Mode – Photographic


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