Good nannies are hard to come by, so I hear. And this may be the reason why many parents are concerned about what nannies they hire. It has been reported that Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello is being sued for wrongfully terminating his nanny. The nanny has drawn up these charges claiming Angello failed to pay overtime and failed to keep in line with the contract they had established.

The nanny moved from L.A. to Sweden to begin caring for the kids for a salary of $50,000 a year. Sounds like a good deal. She was under the assumption that her hours would remain the same after the move, but claims Angello worked her like “human chattel” for 24 hours a day with no overtime while living in a hotel room she had to share with Angello’s two daughters. This is what prompted the nanny to complain to Angello, which she claimed caused Angello to fire her.

Angello is calling BS on the accusations and countersuing, stating that the nanny was in fact drinking while providing supervision to the children. These don’t appear to be false accusations, either, as Angello has provided debit card statements from the nanny showing charges at the bar for three consecutive days during the times she was supposed to be watching the kids. Check back with us as we find out more details.


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