Dillon Francis and Steve Aoki recently performed together at Shenzhen’s (China’s) new Dazzle Club, and before the show, sat down with local blog That’s for an interview that rivals some of our strangest ones from The Chainsmokers.

The topics ranged from Steve Aoki’s involvement in the newest Dragon Ball Z video game to hypotheticals about who would win in a footrace with Dan Bilzerian. While the questions are nearly nonsensical in and of themselves, the answers are even more so.

Below are some excerpts from the interview; you can read the full piece on That’s here.

Did the video game developers [of the Dragon Ball game] just contact you out of the blue? 
Aoki: Yah, when you are a bearded Asian man in America, they come after you.

What have you experienced while playing [in China] that sets it apart from other places around the world?
Francis: Well, it’s really cool because I feel like they just really understand my music and, you know, I am Asian – so that’s one thing that helps me.

My last question for you Mr. Aoki is strictly hypothetical. If you were to race Dan Bilzerian in the 100-meter dash, who would win?
Aoki: Oh my god, Dan. The guy is like a f*cking beast, he has been training for like a gazillion years, he works out all the time and has better discipline that me, for sure. I mean, he’s a hard working dude, so he would crush me.

Steve, what can people expect from your next album, Neon Future III?
Aoki: We are doing like six collaborations with Dillon Francis, he doesn’t know about it yet though.
Francis: Six. Count them.
Aoki: The thing is it’s ‘Neon Future,’ so it’s in the future, so he wouldn’t know.
Francis: I wouldn’t know, but now I know.
Aoki: It’s [Neon Future III] about me coming back from the future, to let him [Francis] know now.
Francis: I’m down.
Aoki: Six songs in a row, it’s never been done before – two artists working on six songs on one album. We want to break the record, set the record straight –
Francis: Guinness Book of World Records!
Aoki: You know six is the magic number.

Before we wrap this up, tell me which is the superior burger Mr. Francis, the Whopper or the Big Mac?
Francis: That’s a good question, because they’re both very different. One of them is juicier than the other and one of them has better sauce than the other. I think if you’re looking for the juicier burger, you are going for The Whopper, but if you are looking for a tastier burger, then you’re going for the Big Mac.


Image via Instagram