According to a recent interview with Denver PostPretty Lights has some big plans for the coming year, and possibly as soon as April 20th.

“I’m trying to make a film and a record that’s really about the connection of people — the amazing things that happen between people on the same frequency. It will be an episodic thing that makes a full piece. Every song has an episode.”

The upcoming album has yet to be named, but Derek Smith, AKA Pretty Lights, says the work will tie into the happenings at each date of his Episodic Music Festival. Considering his last album was A Color Map Of The Sun, released in 2013, this is pretty huge news. Fans will also be stoked to know that their attendance and energy at each show will have an impact on Pretty Lights’ songwriting and be featured in the new combination audio/visual project.

“When I was booking that tour, I wanted to call it “The Weekend’s Episodic Festivals.” I didn’t know why I wanted to call it that, but it’s all going together. Every festival, we’d have a film shoot that became the building blocks of these episodic film pieces. It’s pretty (cool).”

Image by B.Hockensmith Photography


Source: This Song Is SickDenver Post