The evolution of future bass has been interesting to see. At first identified by a very distinct set of synths and rhythms, it’s now become a sort of catch-all term for any kind of sweeping synth with a rhythm that doesn’t neatly fall into dubstep, trap or house. In that sense, it has sort of been able to break free of a lot of shackles that other genres have, and the kinds of songs coming out of the makeshift genre have been the most varied of any genre in a long time.

Take this new song, “Pilot,” by Impala featuring Tima Dee. You still have those tell-tale sweeping synths, but you also have the Jack Ü snare and a more swinging rhythm, accompanied by ballad-esque vocals. There’s a lot going on, but because of the “fuck genres” attitude of future bass, there’s so much that can be done to meld everything together and create something beautiful.

Check out “Pilot” below: