Just when you thought Monstercat was all out of surprises, BOOM, it’s Darren Styles. If you’re asking “Who?” it might be time for that to change. Styles has been one of the leading names in UK hardcore since the early 90s, before many of Monstercat’s dominant producers were even born.

Though Darren Styles’ Monstercat debut sadly didn’t come in the form of an original, a remix is probably the next best thing, especially when it’s for Styles’ fellow hardcore producer Stonebank.

Though not an extreme variant of the original, Darren Styles’ remix of “The Only One” is not to be taken for granted. Styles gives the original hardstyle track a beautiful happy hardcore flavor, something that comes pretty rarely to Monstercat. The original’s melody even arguably fits better in this remix than the original, which is truly impressive. Though it might be an off-day release, this remix is definitely not one to miss!

Listen to Darren Styles’ remix of “The Only One” and download the track below:

Free Download: monstercat.com/release/MCF033
Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/OnlyOneRMX