While the era of melodic dubstep has seemed to come and go with names like Seven Lions, Adventure Club and more reaching a sonic pinnacle of beauty, the genre has seen less love over the past couple years. Yet two young heroes aim to bring about the resurgence of the massive musical style, bringing a new air of emotion and maturity to the sound that has yet been untouched. Colorado natives Brian Helander and Garrett Lucero band together as the melodic dub duo known as Last Heroes, and at just 16 and 17 years old these kids are bringing a tear-jerking maturity to the melodic scene that will give you shivers in their latest remix of Just A Gent’s “Rolling Dice.”

Previously teaming up with Just a Gent for their massive remix of Seven Lions’ “Cusp,” Last Heroes this time lend their talents to re-imagining the Australian melodic star’s own tune into an orchestral ballad mixed with growling bass that will put you directly in the feels. Masterfully playing off the emotion of Just a Gent’s original, this remix adds a new level of depth and beauty to an already immaculate song. Make sure to check out the remix below and snag it for free download while you can!