Yet another Daft Punk vigil has been erected following the discovery of a YouTube video uploaded on New Year’s Day. Featuring audio from Alive 2007 and a rendering of the infamous pyramid stage, the video has sent the internet (once again) into a spiral of conspiracies and armchair investigations.

The focal point of the video isn’t the video itself, however, but the seemingly random string of numbers found in the description.

As discovered by reddit users, the code translates from octal to hex to ASCII – in layman’s terms, the numbers translate to GPS coordinates based on longitude and latitude, and those coordinates translate to major cities around the world.


Dublin, Ireland
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Lisbon Portugal
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Paris, France
London, United Kingdom
Leeds, United Kingdom
Nîmes France
Düsseldorf, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Turin, Italy

South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
San Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina

North America

Los Angeles
New York City
Las Vegas
Mexico City


Kobe, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Chiba, Japan



This is extremely similar to the  “leaked” lineup from the falsified Alive 2017 website from three months ago, which alleged tour dates in North America from Los Angeles to New York and more. The locations in the YouTube video description are far more vast, spanning multiple continents and countries. Unfortunately, there are far too many signs that it’s a fake, and an obvious one at that.

First, and the most obvious, is the uploader. Literally anyone could have created this account and there’s no indication that it’s Daft Punk. And before you say, “But isn’t that what they’d want you to think?”, no, it isn’t. If and when Daft Punk announce a new tour, you’re damn sure going to know that it’s real.

Second, would they really tease a new tour with the same pyramid art as 2007? You don’t think that they would update that and tease the actual tour. The robots never do something twice, let alone revive an old stage design. While it would still no doubt be nostalgic and incredible, they’re about innovation and pushing limits, just as they did with their original design.

Lastly, sorry to burst your bubble, the locations listed are identical to the Alive 2007 tour locations.

This video reached the top of reddit yesterday and we know it’s because people want to believe. Trust us, we want to believe, too. Unfortunately, even less than Swedish House Mafia rumors, we’re incredibly disinclined from believing anything we see about Daft Punk touring until we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.