David Guetta was scheduled to play a show today in Bangalore, India, but unfortunately has had to cancel. In a statement issued on Twitter, Guetta says that the cancellation was “completely out of [his] control,” but he will still be performing in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

According to BBC, the organizers released a similar statement, including a reference to “events that happened around New Years Eve.” This seemingly refers to reports of mass molestation during New Years Eve celebrations. However, Bangalore police issued a rebuttal, claiming that the reason for the cancellation lies solely on the organizers for their inability to request a permit on time.

“The organisers sought permission for today’s programme only on 10 January. But our entire force is busy with security arrangements for the APMC Yard (agricultural produce marketing committee yard) elections. Let them seek fresh permission in time for their concert, we will allow it,” Bangalore range Inspector General Seemant Kumar Singh told BBC Hindi’s Imran Qureshi.

Police released a statement following New Years Eve celebrations that denies the claims of molestation, as well.

Following Guetta’s cancellation, the hashtag #DavidGuetta began trending on Twitter in India, with many people reacting to the news


via BBC