Pre-recorded sets aren’t exactly unheard of in dance music (as much as they are looked down upon), but even then, it’s a whole other sin entirely to play someone else’s mix in your set.

Such was the setting at South Korea’s Octagon club, voted the #5 club in the world and #1 club in Asia in 2016, when G-Park and Charles took the stage. Imagine hundreds of fans at your beck and call, waiting for the drop to come, when suddenly… you hear Hardwell’s voice? It turns out, the duo was playing a ripped copy of “Hardwell On Air” and Hardwell came on to promote a new Revealed track that would be released this year titled “Grande Opera” by Jewelz & Sparks. When the two realized what was going on, they filtered out and Charles hopped on stage with the mic to attempt to cover up their blunder.

Unfortunately, it was all caught on camera.

The blunder was big enough that it even caught the attention of Hardwell himself, who commented on the video.