Yesterday, From First To Last released “Make War,” which featured the highly-anticipated return of bandmate Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex, on vocals. The release conveniently coincided with Sonny’s birthday, and now it seems more details are pointing to a permanent reunion.

The band’s official Instagram offers a single upload to contemplate, but the bio prompts more curiosity by listing each of the current band members’ accounts: Sonny Moore, Matt Good, Travis Richter, and Derek Bloom. Additionally, From First To Last’s Wikipedia page lists the “current” members as, “vocalist Sonny Moore, guitarists Matt Good and Travis Richter and drummer Derek Bloom.”

These slight givings might mean that “Make War” is more than just a one-off reunion, and the band really is back together. Who knows, maybe Sonny will even be joining them for a tour…

And in another bit of news surrounding From First To Last, the group is under fire from a local punk rock band called Culture Abuse for allegedly stealing the artwork from their latest album, Peach.

As a smaller group, FFTL or Skrillex could have easily just ignored the claim and moved on, but Skrillex responded with distinction and honor, stating it was a “complete coincidence, and [From First To Last] would never disrespect or appropriate another artist’s work.” He also managed to turn it all around and urge his own followers to check out Culture Abuse’s music – what a class act.