Calvin Harris is a bona fide pop icon. Sure, dating Taylor Swift only helped him carve out a spot in mainstream culture, but his hefty collaborations were already enough to support his relentless climb to the top. In case you haven’t heard, today is the Scotsman’s birthday (his real name is Adam Wiles), and Pandora has compiled his biggest tunes to celebrate the occasion (as they did with Skrillex only a couple days ago).

To date, over six million listeners have added his Pandora station, and his top three songs alone have over half-a-billion plays collectively. Personally, I’m still a fan of the classics from 18 Months, but his more recent hits don’t even begin to disappoint; his collaboration with Rihanna even got turned into a glorious ’80s power ballad, and if that’s not dope then I’m a tomato.

Have a listen below, and be sure to wish Mr. Wiles a happy birthday however you see fit.

Top tracks:

Summer – 233 million spins

Feel So Close – 224.7 million spins

This is What You Came For – 179 million spins

Top  albums:

Motion – 92.3 M spins

18 Months – 45.1 M spins


Photo by Rukes