Today is Skrillex’s 29th Birthday! Arguably the most influential producer of modern times, not only in electronic music, but music overall, is one year closer to the big three-oh. Skrillex has been a fierce proponent of pushing electronic music’s boundaries into the mainstream, doing so by working with a plethora of rappers like The Game and Rick Ross, including five tracks on Justin Bieber’s grammy-nominated album of the year Purpose amongst much, much more.

Just in time to celebrate his big day, Pandora is giving Skrillex fans an exclusive look into the platform’s most popular tracks from the OWSLA head-honcho. Check them out below, and if you haven’t heard, he also reunited with From First To Last for a track that just released.

Top tracks:

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” — 97.7 million plays

“First of the Year” — 95.4 million plays

“Kyoto”— 63.2 million plays

Top albums:

More Monsters and Sprites — 22.7 million plays

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites — 21.5 million plays

Bangarang EP — 14.6 million plays


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