This week, The Chainsmokers‘ hit track “Closer” with Halsey broke the record for the longest time within the top 10 of the Hot 100 chart for any song that debuted there. The track has now reached a whopping 24 weeks of consecutive placement in the chart’s top 10, taking over the title from previous record holder Justin Bieber and his track “Love Yourself.”

“Closer” initially debuted at the No. 9 spot, coming as an expected follow-up to a year’s worth of powerfully popular singles from the duo. “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses” each became charting powerhouses in their own right during 2016, leading fans and radio listeners to welcome “Closer” into their ranks when it debuted in July.

The track quickly rose to the very top of the Hot 100, holding steady at the No. 1 position for 12 consecutive weeks and becoming the longest-running hit of the year.

As The Chainsmokers’ newest release, “Paris,” begins to take the pop and EDM communities by storm, its placement in the Hot 100 is likely to rise when the chart updates in a few days.


Source: Forbes | Image: Rukes