Snapchat has just rolled out a brand new 10.0 update, now available in the App Store, which overhauled the visual interface of the app and added a nifty search tool which will permanently be at the top of the screen.

The goal with the new and improved search function being a permanent fixture on your screen is to allow users to search ‘on the go’ quickly while in the middle of their snapping for example. In addition, being inside the search function will allow you to quickly message any of your friends via ‘Quick Chat’ and easily view the profiles of both ‘New Friends,’ ‘Groups’ and, ‘Contacts’ that you have yet to add as friends on Snapchat.

Other changes include the ability to submit directly to all of the relevant featured Snapchat stories via ‘Our Story’ instead of having to manually select one of the curated Snapchat stories once you’ve finished taking your snap and increased support for the ‘Bitmoji’ feature.

Learn more about the new Search function in the video below!


H/T: Techcrunch