German vocalist LissA and New York City-based production duo MEMBA, made up of Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry, have just joined forces for “Don’t Look Back.”

“Don’t Look Back” is out now exclusively via Night Air Records and features LissA’s ethereal vocals atop MEMBA’s culturally ancient but uniquely fresh sounding production.

The genre-agnostic production musical pioneers, MEMBA, never fail to impress. “Don’t Look Back” provides clear cut proof that the NYC duo can churn out single after single each sounding radically different than the next. MEMBA continually merge the worlds of electronic music and pop, and “Don’t Look Back” is yet another example of their masterful forte. The song features LissA’s crooning vocals alongside MEMBA’s future bass driven chords and bubbly lead synths to serenade listeners on a anthemic love journey through sound.

Keep your ears peeled for MEMBA as they have received a string of Hypem #1’s on all their latest releases, certifying the duo as a name your are bound to hear a lot more of in 2017.

Stream “Don’t Look Back” below and make sure to snag the song here. While you do that show some love for LissA & MEMBA and throw them a heart on Hypem.

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