Norwegian producer Alan Walker has just released two brand new remixes via Spotify, coming as the latest follow ups to his 2016 released hit single, “Alone.” Walker has expanded his catalogue of noteworthy collaborators even further with the releases, adding on Sofia Carson and Charli XCX on to his list. With the two singers’ unique vocal styles and recognizable production, their immense remix potential was fully taken advantage of by Walker’s signature sound.

The first remix, released Friday, is a soaring rendition of Sofia Carson’s “Back To Beautiful,” and features expert vocal chops above a poppy percussion section and sweeping future bass synths. By keeping proper space between the main vocals and more EDM-oriented drop, Walker was able to maintain the two best parts of the track without compromising their sing-along value. The result is a bubbly, sway-inducing song full of heart and fun.

The next track is a remix of “After The Afterparty” by Charli XCX and Lil Yachty. After using the introductory vocals to set the tone, Walker throws the energy into space with shimmering synth work and high-flying melodies. With the track’s slow tempo and euphoric background chords, he’s able to create a truly effective feel-good heater.

Listen to each track below.