Following his epic announcement of the upcoming Ghetto Trippin Tour, bass wizard SuDs has emerged with one of the most fiery singles off of his newest EP, F. Society. “Cog Wheels” takes the collective energy of the compilation at large and mangles it into a truly deadly concoction. By the time you’re through listening to this song, you’d be lucky not to find yourself on your stomach scooting across the floor in a mixture of agony and bliss.

It begins with scattered percussion hits and an ominous background soundscape before rising quickly towards a dripping, grimy rhythm full of ungodly growls, chest-rattling sub bass and the kind of minimalist arrangement that twists your face into a knot. The haunting atmospheric tones from the introduction eventually creep back into the forefront, before being abandoned once more for an eyeball-squishing medley of bass synths. Spectrum-wide horn blasts break up the filth for brief moments, serving as necessary seconds to breathe between the sloshing waves of bass.

Listen to the song below, and check further down for a complete EP download.

Click here to download “Cog Wheels” and the rest of F. Society now!