Astrix loves his psytrance, and its no wonder, seeing as he’s one of the genre’s top producers. However, he’s expressed some harsh reasoning as to why hardstyle has failed to gain the mass traction that genres like progressive house have enjoyed.

“I don’t think it’s the same story here. Hardstyle is a very easy genre to produce, and I think there were a lot of low-quality productions that flooded the market, and people just lost interest. Psytrance is more complex and deeper by nature. As for the future, we’re talking about art—who can really say what the future holds? But psytrance has more depth and offers a lot more for the listeners and dancers to discover. It’s a real culture.”

Atmozfears was quick to gun down Astrix’s comment, citing deadmau5′ past attempts at trolling the genre.

Unfortunately, it seems Astrix’s statement got taken wildly out of hand, and he’s issued an apology and clarification to anyone he may have offended. Read his statement below, and we can’t help but agree with his sentiment to “Enjoy the music that touches your heart!

“Music is not a contest !!!

Seems that there are some people who for their own interests (getting likes on social media…) want to start a “war” between psytrance and hardstyle (as if genre names mean anything…) with me in the middle. So, I will clarify. I’m in war with no one. Especially not when it comes to art. When I was asked in an interview by Insomniac why has hardstyle flopped in the US and said that hardstyle was an “easy” genre to make and that the market got flooded with low quality productions, I meant that the genre got formulated when it became so popular and started seeing a flood of low quality cut and paste preset productions that got people fed up with it. That’s what I thought happened and it’s just one person’s opinion. I didn’t mean that there aren’t real artists making good hard style music, and that the leaders and innovators of the style don’t have good production. I’m on my way to Australia to play an amazing festival in the outback, so no Internet and I can’t indulge you in online duels, and anyway I don’t spend my life in online ‘wars.’ So I will finalize this and say that if you know a little about me, you know that I can only respect anyone who makes their music from their heart. I meant no disrespect to anyone. Enjoy the music that touches your heart! – Astrix”


Source: Global Dance Electronic | Image via Bruno Camargo Fotografia