First, it was Halsey. Then came the Chris Martin rumors swiftly followed by Big Sean, Linkin Park, and Ryan Tedder. Now, The Chainsmokers can count Niall Horan of One Direction as just another one of their A-list pop star collaborators with an impending studio date between the two artists announced over Twitter.

It all started with an announcement by The Chainsmokers via Instagram Live but soon spilled over to Twitter which all but confirmed that something was set to happen. In a humorous exchange between Alex Pall and Niall Horan, the two joked about the color of Niall’s hair before confirming a studio session was set to take place next week.

The Chainsmokers have released most of the music so far with lesser known vocalists like Emily Warren, XYLO, Phoebe Ryan, Daya and Rozes. It seems that the second wave of music, pieces that will likely end up on their debut album, will come from major vocalist stars.


H/T: Celebmix | Featured Image Source: Rukes