It’s been awhile since we last heard of anything from the Never Say Die heavyweight, Zomboy. Having been on the edge of our seats for a while now, Zomboy has finally come to us with his first release of 2017. Although not a Zomboy original, a Neon Grave remix EP including Kill The Noise, Ghastly, Eptic & Trampa, Rickyxsan, Soltan, and Dr. Ozi will most certainly suffice for now.

Kill The Noise exhibits his intricate sound design filled with crunchy guitar riffs, squealing synths and authentic sounding drums in an overhaul to Zomboy’s smash hit “Like A Bitch.”

Ghastly slows things down in his bass-house, dubstep-infused renovation of “Lights Out,” maintaining all of his stylistic hallmarks that people have come to know and love the budding producer for.

Eptic & Trampa stay true to their name by turning “Get With The Program” into a industrial sounding construction complex filled with heavy midsections and larger than life drops.

Rickyxsan completely flips “Lights Out” to the point where it sounds like a totally new track. In the dubstep-turned-trap flip of the ages, Rickyxsan reimagines Zomboy’s most recognizable track off the Neon Grave EP into his own liking, filled with thick trap leads and soothing breaks.

Soltan brings the fire in the form of a heavy bassline remix filled with vomitstep -sounding features to Zomboy’s, “Miles Away.” Something that we have all been dying to hear has finally arrived.

Dr. Ozi’s ends off the remix pack keeping intact with exactly what we expected from the EP. Fast paced, high energy brostep in the form of a re-imagination to Zomboy’s “Dip It.”

Stream entire remix pack below and snag it here!


Photo by: Georgia Modi Photography