While you may not know it yet, today is a day for celebration. Saturate! Records just dropped their first full length album of the year, an intensely dark offering from the one and only Chee. And while the label consistently delivers mind-blowing material, this might just be their sickest release yet.

Chee hails from South Africa; from what we’ve heard so far, he looks to be the don of bass music in those parts. His style is in a class all its own and his production is absolutely visceral. This profound talent is fearlessly showcased on Fear Monger, a 12-track record featuring the full spectrum of bass music; Chee’s take on it, that is. Elements of trap, halftime, dubstep and much more are boiled down and whipped together to monstrous effect. Each track overflows with low-end madness, coupled unapologetically with vicious drums and wild sound design. Cinematic interludes and sinister textures are thrown in as well, adding an eerie atmosphere as well as an otherworldly flow.

These tunes are excellent as stand-alones, but the release is best listened to as a whole. The progression here is unreal, which is exactly what we look for in an album. The originals mesh perfectly with remixes from Holly, Subp Yao, Yunis, and several others. In short, you absolutely must not be caught sleeping on this one. Fear Monger can be streamed in full after the jump; if you like what you hear, be sure to snag a copy on Bandcamp.


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