Yes, you read that correctly. First there was the return of 2Pac through hologram and now we’re graced with yet another reimagination of his timeless music. Ambitious Australian producer named Jaymee Franchima just created a full bootleg album using 2Pac acapella and Flume instrumentals – B.I.G. Flume Part 2Pac.

On Flume’s end, all productions comes from his last album Skin and accompanying Skin Companion EP 1 while a majority of 2Pac’s most recognizable tracks such as “Changes,” “Ghetto Gospel,” “Hit ‘Em Up,” “Me Against The World” and more are all featured. And in Jaymee’s own words B.I.G. Flume Part 2Pac is a ‘follow-up record to the first incredibly successful album “B.I.G. Flume”, which was released in 2013.’

Stream the full album below and download it for free here.