The internet woke up to a new deadmau5 Twitter beef this morning. The time, the target of Joel’s ire was producer/songwriter Glenn Morrison. Now, you might not recognize the name, but Joel and Glenn have had at least a working relationship for the past 10 years.

In 2008, Joel co-wrote a track with Glenn Morrison entitled “Hydrology,” and it was released on Mau5trap.

Since then, Glenn’s role in dance music has been a little more nebulous. On Soundcloud, he has a respectable 80,000 followers, and if you listen to his recent productions, they’re good work.

It seems that, somewhere along the way these past years, the two grew apart and, according to Glenn, deadmau5 has not been kind to him. That became all the more apparent yesterday morning when Deadmau5 basically accused Glenn of not writing his own tracks.

The beef continued to this morning, with insults being hurled back and forth between the two.

Then finally, in a sort of coup de grâce, Madeon stepped into the conversation and tweeted, “@deadmau5 Oh that’s the dude I ghost produced when I was 16! He’s horrible.” The tweet was swiftly deleted – but this being the internet, it was immediately saved and reshared countless times.

Madeon is currently 22 years old, so age 16 would have put this situation 6 years ago, right around the time that Glenn released Contact / Hydrology on mau5trap. “Hydrology” above doesn’t necessarily have any Madeon characteristics, but “Contact” could be argued to feature a distinctly French vibe.

Following this whole ordeal, Glenn took to his own Twitter page to reflect on what had just happened, and his past relationship with Joel and how it degraded over the course of 10 years.

We encourage you to check out Glenn Morrison’s Soundcloud below.


Photo via Matt Barnes