Although we are only one month into 2017, there has already been an incredible surge of new music throughout the industry. From pop to rock, Ed Sheeran to the Chainsmokers, it feels like like the hits just keep coming and coming! And not to be left behind, Ultra music has teamed up with Toronto based artist Tep No to bring a fresh new track to add to the stack.

With its swanky progressions and almost tropical-like vibe, we asked Tep No what inspired him to create such a song, to which he replied:

“I made the song during a late night smoking session, where I decided to incorporate Latin guitars with a mid tempo dance rhythm. It’s a song about reaching for what you think is love, when in fact it’s infatuation. We’ve all been there before I’m sure! Wanting to love and be loved so badly, and pushing away the person you have feelings for, because they don’t feel the same way about you.”

Its sexy latin rhythms, soothing topline, and catchy snaps are guaranteed to have you up and dancing in no time. If you’re feeling those winter blues, this soulful song is sure to bring your summer sunshine back! So check it out right HERE, right now! Is that too much to ask for?