Galantis, one of the most acclaimed duos in EDM, have just released their latest remix, this time in the form of a buttery remix of singer Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You.” Featuring a instantly recognizable melody and expert vocal chops, the flip sees a completely new and enjoyable exploration of the original track.

It begins with bouncy synth plucks and Sheeran’s vocals as the track’s percussion slowly accumulates in the back. A clap series carries the track up to its drop, where high-pitched whistles and glassy future bass ripples take over the space. After a short break, the energy rises once more, dropping off in a hi hat-spattered iteration of the first drop. During the third pass, the main melody is traded for a fast, stuttering iteration of the future synths from earlier.

Listen below.

Additionally, Galantis have revealed their next single to be titled “Rich Boy,” which will come out next Friday. Check out the preview below.


Image: Rukes