Over the last few years there have been countless talents to come out of Sweden, but all have failed to strike me as hard as the Stockholm-native Steerner. Not everyone can make big room house sound great, but Steerner delivers every single time.

Though his originals are gaining more and more steam with every passing month, Steerner’s bootleg remixes are what have always been able to make jaws continuously drop. In years past, the producer has impressed with breathtaking remixes of Sub FocusAdventure Club and even John Newman. This year, however, Steerner is taking on his most difficult challenge yet: Galantis.

Last year was a big year for Galantis in terms of expanding their sound, veering into tropical & disco variants of house and stepping away from the festival style that had so many people falling in love with their music to begin with. Steerner’s take on “Pillow Fight” brings Galantis back to their roots, pushing a much greater focus on melody and danceability.

This more euphoric approach to “Pillow Fight” arguably pairs even better with the track’s message, vocals and overall sound than the original. But hey, you can be the judge of that yourself and give the remix a listen below. If you like it, make sure to grab your free download here!