An Australian police report uncovered by VICE, along with information found on a Bluelight forum, reveal two deadly chemicals that were disguised as MDMA in a batch that left three dead and numerous others hospitalized. The ingredients, 4-FA and 25C-NBOMe, greatly outweighed the presence of MDMA, the report discovered.

Dr. Monica Barratt of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre described 4-FA as ““an amphetamine-type stimulant which has been described as having an effect somewhere between amphetamine and MDMA.” It is 25C-NBOMe, however, that was found to be the most dangerous substance: a hallucinogen that can lead to death if snorted.

As the leaked police report stated, “The NBOMe series when intentionally consumed is put under the tongue or in the cheek – swallowing is less effective, but clearly can still cause strong effects at certain doses”.

When reached to for comment on this finding, a spokesperson for the Victoria police said that the reason the information was hidden from the public was due to its insufficiency as a proper warning for potential users.

“This internal memo was sent to police members on 27 January following several instances of highly concerning drug reactions, including a number of overdoses in Chapel Street last month … as the internal memo indicates, synthetic drugs can take a variety of forms. If we issue a warning for one particular lot, that does not mean the drug isn’t also doing the rounds in other forms and so it is inappropriate to provide a specific warning.”


H/T: Stoney Roads, VICE