Yeah, Valentine’s Day is coming up. For those who have a significant other, that’s cute and fun and I’m sure you’ve got something special planned, but for many, the coming days will be spent with a renewed vigor in searching for this elusive lover. To aid in that search, Northumbria University conducted a study to objectively define what dance moves are most attractive.

The study was carried out with a sample group of 39 heterosexual women, age ranging from 18 to 30-years, and used motion capture sensors to translate their dancing into a digital avatar so as to remove bias caused by height, weight, or subjective attractiveness. The digital avatar’s movements were then replayed in 15 second clips to represent each of the 39 dancers, and a sample group of 200 rated each clip on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the ultimate panty dropper…

The whole thing is certainly biased towards what males look for in female dance moves, but the study revealed that swaying hips, asymmetrical thigh movements, and utilizing independent arm movements were the most attractive qualities. Check out the study’s “hottest” dance moves all compiled into one segment.


H/T: | Photo: Steven Klein