A dive into wonderful sounds and massive sonic spectacles, San Holo’s premier label/collective bitbird has been a powerhouse in the last year. Picking up names such as Droeloe, Duskus, BeauDamian, Eastghost and more, the future based label has been consecutively turning out hit after hit, with their latest release being no exception. Creating a blissful world wrapped in melodic beauty, bitbird’s own ILIVEHERE. comes out swinging with “Coming Home.”

Featuring indie esque vocals and haunting melodies, you’ll feel a chill down your spine as each second passes by. Like the dark and moody cousin to San Holo’s “Light,” “Coming Home” envelops you in a world of mystique and wonder as larger than life saws and dark echos rush over you in a sea of emotion. You can check out the latest release below and snag the free download for a limited time!