Structural issues at venues are rarely, if ever, actually thought about. Most venues and cities keep their establishments well-enough up to code that structural integrity is an afterthought. However, for about a dozen clubbers in Manchester, on Sunday night, it was all they could think about.

At one point during the night at Manchester’s Factory 251, a piece of the actual ceiling came down on top of attendees and they were forced to hold it up for a couple of minutes before the DJ and bouncers noticed and rushed to help.

“As soon as the ceiling went all the lights smashed and fell on everyone, there was crying and screaming,” attendee Tom Foster told the Manchester Evening News. “We were just standing there holding it up, with half the room in darkness. It took about two minutes for the DJ to stop, then bouncers rushed in, but there was no plan.”

There were no injuries reported.

Unfortunately, a similar event occurred around two years ago resulting in seven injuries. Though structural integrity is rarely a cause for concern, as aforementioned, two similar events in such close proximity is worrisome.

The club was set to reopen as usual.


H/T Dancing Astronaut | Photo via Thomas Foster