Early this month, Mike Posner took to his Soundcloud account to upload an incredible amount of fresh, crisp acapellas from his 2016 album Alone, At Night. Coming just under a year after his Billboard charting work was released, including the song that put him on the map “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” the American singer has decided it’s time for his fans to try their hand at remixing.

Complete with 10 acapellas taken from his album, the entire collection is free to download. As Posner said himself in the upload’s description, he wants his listeners to “have fun” with some of their favorite tracks.

“Okay all u crazy producers ?….here are all the acapella files to my last album….have fun ✌?

“All tracks are downloadable for free. Hover over the track you want to download, click the 3 dots, click download. Boom.”

Check below for each of the Mike Posner acapellas, and get cracking on your next remix!