It’s been nearly three weeks since Dyro and Goja released their monster hit “Alive” on WOLV Records, and I still haven’t gotten tired of listening to it, let alone listening on repeat. The massive synths and blend of moombah and hard electro house is intensely unique; and being Dyro’s first release in nearly a year, it marks a definite moment in the careers of both artists.

With the release of such a huge track, we reached out to Dyro for a short interview about the track, his involvement with Italian duo Goja, and what WOLV will have in store for fans throughout 2017. Listen to “Alive” and read our conversation below.

So I just want to talk to you first about your new track with Goja called “Alive.” This is your first collaboration with Goja after you signed them onto the label. How did you decide that you were going to work together with them on that track?

They were working on the track for a long time, I think for a year already. I played it at Ultra, I believe, a while back and later in the year they were stuck on the project so they asked me to step in and I really loved the track. I opened all my [inaudible] songs so I decided to finish it and that’s where I also got Joe Taylor involved to do the vocals. That basically finished the project, and I’m very happy how it turned out.

Very cool. It’s one of your first new tracks in almost a year, so I assume we can have a lot more music to look forward to in 2017 as well?

Yeah. This year, it was kind of a– 2016 was kind of a rough year for me. I completely switched out my management team and everybody that was working for me, so we had a lot of things to– mistakes and a lot of new strategies. I obviously kept making music. So, yeah, I have a bunch of new records ready, and I could easily say around eight that are almost ready to be released. The best release that we’re aiming for is going to be late February, early March.

Awesome. And what about the rest of WOLV Records, in general? Can we expect some new artists and new music from there too?

Yeah, for sure. We’re working right now. We’re almost signing Loopers. We’re closing a deal this week, so he’s going to be part of the team. We’re going to be focusing more on building artists’– their careers, rather than just aiming into the darkness for releases, for the most [inaudible] people. So we’re going to release a little bit less, but we’re definitely looking for talent to sign, and to work with more closely. So, yeah, but you can definitely expect Goja, Loopers. Obviously, we’re not going to pass on everything. We have some songs coming up, some songs of myself. So, yeah, very exciting.

Talking about WOLV Records a little bit more, you sort of got your start with Revealed under Hardwell’s tutelage, and then you launched WOLV back in 2014. Have you ever felt any pressure to sort of, maybe, distance yourself from Hardwell or revealed, and kind of grow into your own sound a little bit?

Yeah, I think that was definitely one of the deciding factors of why I started WOLV. At one point, you have to make the decision, am I going to be part of somebody for the rest of my career, or am I going to start something for myself and build my own legacy? I think I was pretty ready to do so. Not everybody was happy about my decision, but I think, in the long-term, it was an important decision to make. It wasn’t an easy one, but I had to do it. And also, music-wise, the music I was making wasn’t really fitting Revealed, or I just did something– I wanted to do something else. And I keep developing my sound every single year. So, yeah, there was definitely some pressure to push to distance myself from them.

As far as the sound of WOLV, is it going to keep going in this sort of hard, electro direction, kind of the blend of genres? I know, in Alive, you kind of mix electro and moombahton, is that going to kind of be the theme for the rest of WOLV in 2017?

Well, I just like to have fun the music. I don’t really like to categorize everything. It’s mainly electro or bass music, but I like to have fun. My next song is going to be more of a trappier song. I have a dubstep song ready. I just want to make what I want to make. And it’s still all going to be in the Dyro sound that people expect from me, but it’s just going to be more widespread and open format. And also during my life it’s just way more exciting to take a left turn or a hard rights. It’s [inaudible] points and experiment with different sounds and that’s what I’m doing in this video as well.

Right, so you said have new music coming out. Are you going to do mostly singles this year, or could we maybe expect an EP in 2017 as well?

At first I was thinking about only doing EPs in ’16, and obviously that didn’t happen. I have a new team right now, we’ve decided to start out with singles. Obviously I haven’t released anything for a year straight so I have some slack to pick up. We’re going to start with as much singles as possible, preferably one month, otherwise one every six weeks. Later on if we still decide to do an EP or an album, but for now it’s going to be singles.

What’s the next release coming up on WOLV?

I think our next release coming up is a song by Loopers which is really cool. I’m really excited about it. I played it a couple of times on live streams. I think it’s his best song yet. So people should definitely look out for that.

Great. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll let you go back to it. I know it’s kind of late in Amsterdam.

Thank you. I appreciate it.