You seemed to have knocked your head. You open your eyes, slowly and abruptly. You’ve awoken to an echoing sense of animalistic chaos. As the thick humidity descends upon your ever-so-vulnerable position, you realize you’ve entered their realm. Their kingdom. The Monkey Kingdom. 

Teddy Killerz returns with surely one of the most unique pieces of music to date, snatching the listener and placing them in a metaphorical universe culminated by the trio themselves. Just before their new album “Nightmare Street” drops in Spring, they’ve given us a wonderful teaser of what’s to come. On the contrary, if you’re just now hearing of Teddy Killerz, well then quite frankly you’re gonna need to clear all your appointments for the day and get to know. Somehow, I get the feeling that this truly is only the beginning.

You can expect a release this coming Friday.