In the wake of The Chainsmokers‘ recent reveal that they’d finally be releasing their debut album Memories: Do Not Open in April, the duo has taken to Twitter to open up about a particular concern.

Because their most recent EP, Collage, saw most of its tracks released before its official debut, many have expressed worry that the album might not come with 100% original material. Despite The Chainsmokers’ implications that they’re sitting on a wealth of new material, fans have reamined skeptical that Memories might not meet their full expectations.

Luckily, one of the pair’s followers asked them in a tweet, “can you reveal something of the new album? I can’t wait for new album’s news.” Without much direction, The Chainsmokers briefly explained that the album will contain “all new music,” minus the “Paris” single which was released on January 13.

As fans’ concerns were set aside, they were met with another treat, this time in the form of potential artwork for the upcoming album. Posted on, the rumored image features three distinct photographs, each of a cardboard box overflowing with equipment, papers and other sentimental items. Combined with the album title, the artwork comes as a realistic depiction of where The Chainsmokers might head with their ultimate design.

Check out the image below.


Source: | Image: Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage