Grey told fans that they were putting out a bunch of remixes this week, and they’re not kidding. After just putting out an official remix for Lukas Graham yesterday, they’re back with another one from Mike Posner, taking on his track “In The Arms Of A Stranger.”

As can be evidenced by their most recent tracks, Grey are definitely taking a more pop-centric approach to their music. However, they’re doing it in a way that seems fresh and stays away from popular tropes. In that sense, they’re hanging onto their own identity and making sure not to get swept away in the constant tide of basic pop songs that could have been made by anyone.

Posner vocals, to be sure, are something worth working with. “In The Arms Of A Stranger” in particular offers many different avenues for producers to take advantage of, and Grey seems to have maximized output while keeping quality a top priority.

You can listen to their remix below.