If you’re searching for something raw to propel you into the weekend, look no further. Ethan Glass dropped a new track this week and it is wild.

Inspired by recent unrest and injustice, ‘Oink Oink Bang Bang!’ gets right in your face and doesn’t back down. It’s a super wonky take on dubstep that features hard-hitting drums, hyperactive synths, and straight-up raw sound design. Glass is calling his newfound style ‘slime punk’: computer music against anyone who abuses power instead of empowering people. We can definitely get behind a message like that, especially since this tune is filled with overwhelming energy. You’ll feel like a live-wire after pumping this into your ear canals a few times, we guarantee it.

Best of all, Glass decided to release ‘Oink Oink Bang Bang!’ as a free download. Check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to grab a copy if you’re feeling the vibes.


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