For decades, Australia has been the birthing ground for some amazing artists, especially when it comes to electronic music. More recently, with the rise of Flume, the nation has produced several of future bass’ leading icons, who have followed in the footsteps of their fellow Australian.

With future bass hitting the mainstream over the last year, the number of producers attempting to replicate and innovate the genre is greater than ever before. Attempting to find talent in a sea of mediocrity is nearly impossible. However, one producer found a way to capture my heart from the very beginning: an Australian prodigy named WILDLYF.

WILDLYF doesn’t need kind words though, his numbers speak for themselves. After spending just a month on Trap Nation, his remix of Blackbear‘s “Wanderlust” has amassed over 3 million views. Just last month, WILDLYF even gained the attention of Alison Wonderland after he remixed her song “Messiah.”

I’m honored to be able to premiere WILDLYF’s latest masterpiece, an official remix of “Sounds of Her Mind” by Just A Gent. While EDM producers seem to struggle in combining beauty with energy, I think WILDLYF did an excellent job with this one.

The remix somehow manages to keep Samsaruh‘s gorgeous vocals intact, all while placing layers upon layers of WILDLYF’s powerful percussion and noisy synths. This contrast makes the remix a unique experience, and one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Listen to WILDLYF’s remix of “Sounds of Her Mind” and grab your free download below:

Free Download: