In what has been described as ‘one of Melbourne’s worst instances of drug overdose’ by local newspaper The Age, Melbourne’s Electric Parade festival saw 22 hospitalized from GHB overdose on Saturday evening. Ambulance Victoria also treated 25 people on festival grounds in addition to the other 22 that were hospitalized, many of whom remain in critical condition.

40 people, 33 men and seven woman, were also arrested for various drug offenses throughout the night including one man who was held overnight after being discovered with quantities of various drugs including LSD, cocaine, ketamine, and more.

According to Ambulance Victoria state health commander Paul Holman, the tragedy didn’t stop there with the initial hospitalization. “We’ve transported 22 people from that event alone, and we’re now up to 30-plus from that event and across the city, all with GHB overdoses, all critically ill.”


H/T: The Age, FACT | Featured Image Source: Electric Parade