Woof Records is pretty fresh to the scene but is already putting out big hits. It’s steered by the powerhouse Italian duo, Nari & Milani, with the intent on producing fat, groovy, and fresh tracks for your ears. The label is on a path for big things, as the first two releases have already earned support from greats like Gregor Salto, Thomas Gold, and Dada Life!

Their third release belongs to Simon De Jano and Madwill’s massive edit to Thrill Vibe’s tune, “To The Bass”. It’s entirely captivating, as a deep, pitched sample rides forefront over a beefy bass line that gets your blood pumping. We hope this is just the start of collaborations between these two talented artists on Woof records, as they absolutely smashed this edit. So sit down, stand up, dance around today to “To The Bass”!

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