Producers these days are getting younger and younger, and touring at the same time, often before they’re 21. So how does a superstar DJ like Martin Garrix, who has an actual residency in Las Vegas, one of the most intoxicated towns in the US, play at clubs when he’s only 20?

Garrix explained the situation to BBC Radio 1’s Cel Spellman, at least with how it goes down at Omnia.

“They start my intro and then I’m allowed to get in the club. They escort me with security and clear the entire DJ booth and the surrounding VIP tables from alcohol. I’m not allowed to be close to alcohol. As my last song is playing they kick me out of the club.”

This means Garrix can’t even hang around in the club after his set to meet fans – but he can still do so off-premises, if he isn’t too tired from jetting around the world.

Garrix turns 21 in May, and says it’s “going to be crazy.”


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