Parisian producer Uppermost recently dropped a 23-track collection titled Origins (2011-2016) of kaleidoscopic French-wave electronica via his own independent label UPPWIND Records.

The producers largest release yet celebrates the journey from his early career to his present-day success. Origins (2011-2016) weaves in and out of a multitude of genres, everything from atmospheric piano driven tunes to pulsating deep house bass line oriented tracks and even melodic dreamy electronica, listen below.

Accompanying the release of the Origins (2011-2016) album a video for Uppermost’s track “Constellation” was performed by the Paris Symphonic Orchestra and can be seen below. Check out what Uppermost had to say about it:

“This video is the result of a common effort in order to give life to an electronic piece of music. I had this dream for many years and I think I don’t realize yet that I’ve been given the chance to make it a reality.”