Alesso’s followup to “Take My Breath Away” is “Falling,” an indie/deep house tune with a powerful female vocal.

This is pure dance music, with an undulating rhythm and entrancing vocal performance that draws in listeners deep and makes your feet move. The music video for the track came out last week, featuring Alesso himself tinkering away at some AI programming while another dancer does her own thing. It’s only later that you learn she’s an AI, as well.

Of the video, director Henrik Hanson says:

“I wanted to make video about something impossible, like two AI robots falling in love. Alesso discovers that something is amiss, so he creates a partner, the AI couple fall in love through their dance. I wanted their dance to feel passionate and sensual, and to send a beautiful message to the viewer that we should take care of each other. He takes care of her, and she takes care of him after a long and hot dance.”

Check it out below:


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